A Tip and an Old Picture

By Keith Fisher

First, let me remind you of the Klondike Dutch oven cook off, on Feb 7. It will be held at Sportsman’s Warehouse in Provo, Utah. I will be judging so come and say hi.

Did you ever notice how certain events in our lives tend to disable us? We often readjust our lifestyle because of them. I’ve been experiencing some of those events in my life, and to add to it, I’ve been doing battle with the dragon that is a bad cold. It might be viral, who knows, but it’s suddenly Friday and I have nothing planned for my blog this week.

Next week, I promise a full report on the Klondike cook off with a few recipes and pictures, but this week, well, you know.

It’s early spring out there, guys. Time to get out and get the pots oiled. Repair all the tools that broke last year, and get new ones if need be. One thing I like to do is paint my table and fire tools. Every year, they get scratched, left out to rust, or just plain neglected. It feels good to start another year with good-looking tools.

Keep in mind, however, If you’re painting a tool that stays hot, like your Dutch oven table, you should use a high temperature, barbecue paint. You can find it at the hardware store in spray cans.

Good luck in your prep, and remember if your pot has lost its seasoning, just do it again.

I thought you’d enjoy this civil war picture. Bet they don’t have a food handler’s permit.

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