False Summer

By Keith N Fisher

We’ve had record temperatures, lately, where I live. The hot days of Summer are holding on, for dear life. There is a term for this type of weather, but since it’s probably not politically correct, I’d better abstain. I always wondered, however, why they called it that, but . . . okay, I’ll be good.

Usually at this time of year, most of us begin to put the outdoor furniture away, drain the swamp cooler, and put the garden to bed. Thoughts of backyard parties, are replaced by Halloween parties, and Fall festivals.

Some of us put our camp kitchens in order to traipse up tot he mountains for Hunting seasons, but the season is over for the most part. Not this year---get out there and plan a big party. Take advantages of the weather and invite your friends. Winter will soon be here, and you’ll be shoveling snow off the patio to set up your Dutch oven table.