Cooking for Twenty and Then . . .

By Keith N Fisher

Although my blog entries sometimes don’t show it, many of you know I’m a writer. I write women’s fiction. I belong to a critique group and we meet once a week to read each other’s work and give advice.

One day, Tristi Pinkston, one of the authors in our group, was brainstorming about her upcoming launch of Hang Em High. It’s the third, in the Secret Sisters series. Anyway, Tristi suggested an outdoor launch where I would cook cheesy potatoes.

She’s a fan of my potatoes and claims she would do almost anything for them. We shared her thoughts with the other ladies of the group, and the plan evolved into an event. It would be a book launch/signing for several authors, with balloons, face painting, water balloon toss, and other games, The August Authorama, promised to be a premier happening.

My part in the whole thing would be, to cook lunch for twenty authors, bookstore people, invited guests, and publishers, the list was impressive. After lunch, I would make cobblers for the masses.

Other than potatoes, I cooked Polynesian chicken, and steamed trees with mushrooms. I also made a special cobbler for the dinner.

Of course, I got Wendy involved and we made nine cherry cobblers to give to the masses of non-lunch eating guests. We started by cooking five, then another. In the end, we had two-fourteens, and one twelve-inch pot of uncooked dump cobbler. It's a good thing we didn’t add the soda.

What a day it turned out to be. The authors ended up with sunburns. It was hot, but the warm responses about my cooking were phenomenal. Perhaps the greatest, was from Amy Orton, editor at Walnut Springs Publishing. She asked for a cookbook. I gave her a business card and told her I also write women’s fiction. She noticed I’d listed this blog on the card, so I decided I’d better get back to posting here, again.

So, dear reader, I’m back. Life has been a series of ups and downs since I posted regularly. Many of my projects, including the cookbook, have been on the back burner, but its time to add a little water so they won’t burn there.

In December of 2010, I wrote about the logistics of making Christmas dinner for my ward. After my post, I think they decided to give me a rest, because I haven’t been asked to cook so much. Just goes to show that I should keep my mouth shut. Like the author’s event yesterday, I’ve always enjoyed cooking for people. Sometimes the work is overwhelming, but the gratification is wonderful.

Now, with the dinner, I made yesterday and more than one request for a cookbook, I have a feeling I’ll be hounded into writing it. I’m still writing fiction, but I guess its time to get serious about cooking again. I'll keep you posted.


August Authorama

I'm making Dutch oven Dump cobbler for this event. First come first served.

Come celebrate the launch of Hang 'em High, a novel by Tristi Pinkston