How Many?

By Keith N Fisher

Did you ever wonder how many cookbooks do we need in the world? Although I don’t have the figures, the numbers published each year seems to be increasing. Maybe I’m just more aware, because I’m writing one.

I got two emails this week, from publishing houses, marketing new cookbooks. I see Facebook posts, and newsletter items from Dutch oven friends who are also putting their recipes together. So, I ask the question; how many cookbooks do we need anyway? Will mine be received in the way I hope?

I’m on the last leg of writing mine, and I’m drowning my critique group with text editing. I think you’ll like my book, but I’m worried it’ll be too late.

In the publishing world, often, it’s all about timing. Getting the right book in the hands of editors at the right time makes all the difference. I know writers who wrote books like Harry Potter but they submitted them too late, they got rejections telling them they didn’t need another Harry Potter.

Hopefully, my cookbook will offer wisdom and experiences you will enjoy. I’ve included many stories, legends, and some fiction, mingled with recipes and instruction. It won’t be the first camp-cooking book, but it will be original to me.

I recently purchased some new roasting sticks and a charcoal starter chimney that I’ll write about in a future blog post. I hope you’ve enjoyed the summer with many backyard feasts.