Stew Day 2010

By Keith Fisher

I’m gearing up for stew day. For several years now, My wife and I have been part of the fourth grade American history unit at the school where she works. The classes learn about the nineteenth century for a week, then on Friday, They play outdoor, period games, and we cook beef stew, cornbread, and cobbler.

In the interest of sanity and to free up a couple of ovens, I make corn bread two days before, and save it in tinfoil. Then, on the big day, I make stew and cobblers and enjoy myself.

This year, there will be about 120 people. We’re planning on 8 cobblers, two 15-inch and one 14-inch deep Dutch oven for stew. Can anyone say YEEHAW?

Now, you might have noticed the calendar says Sunday is Mother’s Day. What better way to show your love, than to cook outdoors for all of her loved ones. We’re having ham, potatoes, and an unnamed dessert.

In a week, I plan to show my gratitude for my writing critique group by making a Dutch oven meal. All I can say is pray for good weather.

With all that cooking going on I’ll be busy, but I’ll try to keep you informed. In the meantime, pull out your pots, or your barbecue, and make something mouth watering for Mom.