Camp Chef DOG and a Demo

by Keith Fisher

I couldn't make it to the DOG at Campchef last Saturday, but my wife did. Thank You, to Steve and all the CampChef guys and gals for providing one of the best events of the season. I especially want to thank the man who helped fill her Girls Camp cook needs. She didn't remember your name, but she really appreciated your time and help.

The DOG (Dutch Oven Gathering) was held on the lawn in front of the CampChef plant. As I mentioned, it's the premier event of Dutch oven gatherings. Everyone is there and the food is great. Afterword, Campchef offers great deals on some of their products.

Mark your calender for next year. It's always held the first Saturday in June.

Emergency Preparedness

I had the opportunity this week, to teach and demonstrate Dutch oven cooking at our Church as part of the emergency preparedness fair. It had been awhile sinch I did a demo, so I scrambled for handouts. Digging through the old stuff brought back memories. I made a run to the copy store and put a drawing together. I made barbecued hot dog pieces and dairycase bread, and gave a Dutch oven candle away.

The Demo went pretty well. I made a short stack of Dutch ovens, with a 16-inch on the bottom, then 14, 12, 10, 8, and 6. I showed many differt types of other ovens. along with myriad lift lifters, lid holders, and charcoal starters. I showed some to the needed tools for Dutch oven and made hot dogs in my CampChef lifting grill (Simular to a volcano). There was fascination over the fact I was cooking in the building on a plastic table, with charcoal. The aroma brought people to my table. It was great.

I made Bread outside on the table from Pop n Fresh biscuits. Turn them on end side by side and fill the middle. great bread, easy and tasty. I like to bake it in an Ultimate Dutch oven. That way the cone in the center makes an interesting shape.

I find it fascinating that every time emergency preparedness is discussed, many people tell me, in an emergency, they're coming to my house to eat. I always tell them fine, but you bring your food storage. Yes I can cook outdoors, but if I don't have anything to cook . . . well, you get the idea.

In my demo, I built on the premise of what if the power goes out? Can you cook? I have been driven to the carport to bake bread when the kitchen oven broke down. My neighbor is happy to tell about the time they were making a birthday dinner and the power went out. I had been teaching him about Dutch oven cooking so he dragged out his gear and finished making dinner on the deck. the party was saved.

There are many, different types of emergency cooking gear, including a solar oven. If you already cook outdoors, you've won the battle. you can be the one who people talk about cooking durning disaster. Don't forget to tell them to bring their food storage.
Note: The writer has not recieved products for endorsements.