How've you been?

By Keith N Fisher

Between remembering recipes for the book, and cooking new ones, I’ve been busy this summer. Still, I’ve been cooking for a few groups and that was gratifying. Take a look at the pictures.

With work schedules and other stuff getting in the way, I haven’t been able to go camping at all. My fishing pole is collecting dust, I’ve got cabin fever and I’m beside myself.

It helps to write on my front porch during the early morning hours, but I keep staring at my camp trailer, looking forlorn and neglected. I managed to reorganize my cooking stuff tonight so that helped, but it reminded me of the repairs I need to do. My fire tools need cleaning and a new coat of black paint.

I hope you’re getting many opportunities to do some camp cooking this summer. Meanwhile here are some of the pictures I’ve taken.

something new I'm working on