Memorial Day

By Keith Fisher

After you lay the flowers down, and remember those who came before, I hope you are planning a big outdoor get together. We’re going to my mother’s this year. And I’m baking a cake in my Dutch oven.

Whatever you do this day, I hope you spend it with those you love. May you have a safe holiday.

Now for the report, we made three big pots of barbecue spare ribs, three pots of potato smashers, and four cheesecakes. Wendy made coleslaw and the teachers had a wonderful meal. See some pictures here.

On Thursday, I mentioned we had a cheesecake factory going. We made them a day before and put the whole thing, pot too, in the fridge in preparation for the big day.

Later, I was asked how to make the ribs. So, here is my recipe.

A package of country style pork ribs
A large onion
A large green bell pepper
A large red bell pepper
Two bottles of your favorite barbecue sauce.

Dice and sauté the vegetables. Add the meat let simmer. About 1 hour later let the meat rest by taking off the heat. About 30 minutes after that drain the juices and put back on the heat. Add the sauce and simmer until the meat is tender enough to cut with a plastic fork.

Is that easy enough for you? Good luck and have a great day.