Three Events, and a Few Pictures

By Keith Fisher

Stew Day went well. We second guessed ourselves and ended up with a full pot of leftover stew. This year, however, many of the kids thanked me and told me how good it was. The 2010 fourth graders are unruly. They have a mind of their own, but They’re very polite and a credit to their parents.

Often, when we do things for our kids, we don’t even get a grunt of recognition, much less, a thank you. It was refreshing to hear it from those kids this year. The final count was one, 15-inch MACA, one 13-inch MACA, one 14-inch deep, and one 12-inch deep Dutch oven. (For those who don’t know. MACA only makes deep ovens.) That’s 12 ½ gallons of stew.

We also made six, 14-inch corn breads, and 8 cobblers. (Two, 14-inch and six, 12-inch). I’m convinced, I need to get some larger ovens. A 16-inch lodge will hold 12 quarts. A 12-inch lodge will hold 6 quarts. That’s one less oven, I have to make coals for. One less oven, I have to keep checking. Hmm I think I’m onto something.

Two days later, for Mother’s Day, I made a cinnamon glazed ham, cooked a yellow cake for Strawberry shortcake, and made another 14-inch cornbread from a mix. My wife is camp cook at girl’s camp this year and somebody wanted her to try it. Cooking from scratch always beats a mix, for taste.

My mom loved the ham, and it was nice to have my brothers over. I didn’t get any pictures taken, though.

Another three days found me in the carport, cooking onion roast beef, curried chicken, potato smashers, and shrooms and trees. (Mushrooms, cauliflower, and broccoli in the same pot with a little melted butter).

I was cooking for my critique group. Two of the ladies held contests in honor of their books coming out, and one of the prizes was a session with our critique group. LT Elliot was one of the winners and she loved my curried chicken. I loved her writing. Between eating dinner, and seven critiques, we didn’t finish until around midnight. I wonder what the neighbors thought. LOL.

I’m gearing up for the last day of school, when we cook for the teachers at the place where my wife works. Through it all, I’ve felt useful. I once heard a wise man say if you get discouraged, do service. Cooking for people and seeing them pile my food on their plates, makes me feel useful. I thank God for the opportunities.