Independence Day and Girls Camp

By Keith N Fisher

What are your plans for the weekend? When asked about Independence Day, most people in the United States think of parades, fireworks, and barbecue. My extended family tradition has been to go camping at the same place in the canyon. We have a family potluck and come home in time for the fireworks.

One year, while practicing recipes for cook offs, I cooked foods in several Dutch ovens. Other years, it was just a couple of pots, but for several years now, I’ve made something in a Dutch oven.

The sale circulars in the newspaper will give you an idea what most people do for the fourth. The hotdogs, chips, hamburger buns and steaks on sale are good indications of that. May I suggest a new tradition?

Make a pizza crust or use frozen bread dough. Invert the lid of a Dutch oven over a trivet or lid holder. Use it as your pizza plate and put on your toppings. Then place coals on the bottom around the same circle you use under a pot.

Then, invert the pot and place on top of the lid. Place coals on top between the legs, (in the same pattern as if on top of a lid).

You will need a good long pair of gloves to lift the pot and check the pizza. Rotate around the coals when needed, to avoid hotspots. Use a rolling pizza cutter to avoid scoring the lid. Wow your campmates. You will love it.

Now, for the Girl’s Camp Report.

Wendy was fantastic. Somebody called her a hero in church. She had the stake leaders eating from her hand (kitchen). I couldn’t be prouder of her.

Have a happy fourth and enjoy your pizza. Be careful lifting the pot. It will be hot. Thanks to Mat Bone for showing us how pizza is done.