On The Cutting Edge

By Keith Fisher

Father’s Day is fast approaching. I hope you plan to cook outdoors for your father. If you’re having trouble finding something for the special father in your life, may I suggest Dutch oven and camp cooking tools? Click this link for suggestions. Click this link for a list of needed tools.

I was contemplating this blog the other day and a pattern seemed to emerge. Several years ago, I got caught up in a trend called Citizens Band Radio. When I got involved, everyone had a federal license. In fact, it was the law. I thought it was a wonderful idea. I could keep in touch with my friends, and get help in an emergency.

I found out how useful the tool was when I got my Blazer stuck one night. Being way out in the desert, walking to a phone would’ve taken all night. I got on the radio and contacted someone who made a phone call and help arrived.

CB radio was cutting edge and it was my hobby. Soon, clubs formed and social events revolved around the craze. Television and movies got involved and it seemed that everyone had a radio. The government stopped requiring licenses, (probably because there were too many users to keep up with). I became one of many who enjoyed the hobby.

Later, when I got involved in Dutch oven cooking and competition, I started one of the first websites devoted to Dutch oven. I posted pictures and that was new. Later I authored a site for the Greater Wasatch Dutch Oven Society, and we used it to keep our members informed about upcoming events, along with useful info about cooking in black pots.

In my writing career, I learned to blog. Shortly after, an opportunity came up to blog about Dutch oven and camp cooking for Your LDS Neighborhood.com so I became one the first to blog about it.

Now, there are thousands of websites, and many blogs about Dutch oven. There are podcasts and video and I am a lone voice in the wilderness. I take comfort, though in knowing I made a contribution.

This point was brought home to me the other day when an old friend sent me an E-mail. He referred to a document taken from Facebook, talking about coal placement for Dutch ovens. My friend asked if I subscribe to the rule of thumb mentioned. So, I went to the info and discovered it was something I put on the Internet twelve years ago.

Yes I was on the cutting edge at one time. It’s fun to see graphical images, I created, pop up on other websites and blogs. It would be nice to get credit, but I use their images too.

I also realized the basics of outdoor cooking need to be covered on this blog, but I already wrote about those things. Look to your left. There’s a search window. Type in your question. Chances are, I already blogged about those things. Use a keyword to narrow the search. If you can’t find your answers leave a comment. I’ll pull the info off my website or write a new article.

I hope you enjoy your hobby. Stop back often and see what kinds of things I’ll rant about next.