Inspiration from Another Source

By Keith N Fisher

As part of the prizes for taking third place at a cook off, we received a video. A man named Johnny Nix demonstrated the art of campfire cooking. He was the host of a cable TV series called Campfire Café for awhile.

We won the video in 2005 and I couldn’t remember watching it, so I decided to see what Johnny had to say. He spent a lot of time on fire building techniques and cast iron seasoning, then cooked a few recipes. One intrigued me in particular.

Have you ever roasted corn on the grill? Basically, I pull the shucks down, take off the silk, wrap the shucks on and toss them on the grill. Johnny, added a new twist that you might like. After pulling down the shucks and removing the silk, he wrapped each cob with bacon. What do you think?

Being one who hardly ever puts butter on corn, I’m not sure I’d like it. I might try it though, and see what others say.

Do you get inspiration from videos? I do. I watch how to shows on PBS and get psyched up to remodel the house or plant the garden. I also watch to remind me of past glories. Since I’ve been writing my cookbook, I’ve been fired up about outdoor cooking again. I went looking for the video of me cooking Dutch oven on TV and found the one with Johnny Nix.

We were given three of the same video, maybe I’ll hold a contest and give one away. What kind of contest could we have? I’ll think about it, and let you know. Until then, keep on cooking.