The Big Show and Bread

By Keith Fisher

It started! When I first got into Dutch oven cooking competition, the world championship was held one day a year. All the pre-qualified Dutch oven cooks scheduled to cook, met in a tent on the Jensen Historic Farm in Wellsville, Utah.

Since then, the event moved indoors as part of the International Sports Exposition in Sandy, Utah. The necessity of cropping down the number of cooks was met by having qualifying cook offs throughout the year. Now, there are so many cook offs there is a semifinal system held over three days at the event.

I am writing this on Friday, March 13 and the first semifinal was held yesterday. It produced six qualifying teams to move on to the finals. There is another semifinal going on right now with the main event tomorrow. I have the great honor of helping to judge the main dishes tomorrow so I’ll let you know.

Last week in this blog, I talked about texture and quality of the substance we call the staff of life. I promised to write about it and tell you how to achieve great results. Since I’ll be associating with many of my old friends at the cook off, I thought I’d ask them to share with us their secrets. You can ask them too. Send me your questions and I’ll ask the experts.

Send me an email at bloghole57 at yahoo dot com.

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