New Cook in Camp

I have been asked to blog for the YourLDSNeighborhood.com site. I will be blogging twice a week on the subject of outdoor and camp cooking, With emphasis on Dutch oven and cast iron.

A few years ago, a major cast iron cookware manufacturer said. There are more Dutch ovens sold within three hundred miles of Salt Lake City than anywhere else in the world. Why here, where are those Dutch ovens?

I think a large portion is being stored with all the seasonal and camping equipment. They get hauled out to warm up cans of stew or chili on the deer hunt. A few get used to make biscuits while camping, but I believe the majority are still in the box in food storage lockers, waiting for the day when the power goes out and the gas gets shut off.

There’s nothing wrong with that but wouldn’t it be easier if you were already familiar with your cooking appliance? In this blog I hope to show you how to use your Dutch oven and enjoy the smiles on the faces of your guests and campmates. In the process we may learn some things about throwing back yard and block parties that will make you a hero in your block or family.

I love to cook outdoors and I hope to transplant that love into your hearts. Stop by often. Put your feet up, dinners ready.

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