Easy Cobbler or Faking Your Way Into Fame

By Keith Fisher

Last time, we talked about having fun while you cook for large groups. One of the ways it can be more fun is to make it easy on yourself. There are many shortcuts and cheats you can use, and I’m going to tell you one.

How many of you have been to an event where somebody makes Dutch oven cobbler and it’s delicious? Have you noticed how many people rave over it and don’t care how it’s made? Did you also know that most of those cobblers are really what we should call dump cake?

You can take some time and make a real cobbler by placing fruit in the bottom of pot, adding some kind of batter to the top, and baking it. It will be delicious and you’ll get high praise. Or, you can make what we call dump cake. You can still use real fruit, but you can also buy pre-made fruit pie filling in cans. Place two on the bottom and spread it out. Instead of batter use a cake mix, yes, a dry cake mix (don’t mix it up). Pour the powder over the pie filling. Spread it out with your hands (use rubber gloves for sanitation), breaking up the big lumps. Then for moisture we will use carbonated soda water.

Most people use 7-up, not sure why, but I use club soda. I do this to keep the sugar level down. By the time you add ice cream or whipped topping, the dessert becomes too rich. The carbonated water reacts with the baking soda in the cake mix and makes it rise.

There are no mixing bowls to wash, and the cobbler is divine. Since sugars tend to remove the seasoning, you can line your pot with aluminum foil. It also helps with easy cleanup. However, cast iron adds flavor, and some folks worry about cooking in aluminum. It’s your choice.

Remember the cobbler is done when the cake is done. I use the inserted toothpick method. If you line with aluminum, ask your guests to be careful they don’t tear it with the spoon. Top the dessert with ice cream. The cold will do battle with the hot in your mouth for a tantalizing treat.

2 cans fruit pie filling. Use your favorite flavor.
1 cake mix. I like yellow, white, or try chocolate with cherry filling.
1 can club soda

Use the can to stir the club soda into the cake mix. Be careful not to disturb the filling. Use a 12-inch Dutch oven, 15 coals on top, 9 on the bottom. See the process at this link

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Kim Thompson said...

I've tasted Keith's cobbler. It's to die for!

I think I'll try to make some. It looks simple enough, even for me.

C.L. Beck said...
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C.L. Beck said...

Great recipe, and a wonderful tip to use foil to line the d.o. for a quicker clean up.

By the way, thanks for commenting at my blog at LDSWritersBlogck. That was nice of you.

(Oh, and that was me that deleted the comment above ... had trouble with the thing. Computers!)

Keith Fisher said...

thanks for commenting ladies glad to share secrets with you.

G. Parker said...

We went to a scout Rountable last week where they did a whole bunch of dutch oven food. The cobblers were fun, and my hubby instantly wanted to get ours out and going. Last year he discovered he really likes making them. I'm going to tell him about your club soda idea...I like the idea of less sugar. Good job!!!