Rootin for the Home Team

by Keith Fisher

Did you ever have a tailgate party? Many folks set up to cook food each week, outside the stadium or sports arena of their choice. The purpose being, to have fun rooting for their team and eat a lot of good food in the process. These impromptu cookouts happen with regularity across the nation.

Have you ever considered holding one before a youth soccer or flag football game? I sat on the sidelines on Saturday, watching my daughter’s cheerleading squad. It was flag football, and we could’ve used some more support from the crowd. In fact we could’ve used more crowd. Can you image how pumped up the players would be if they could hear the cheers of many supporters?

I rooted for the son of one of my friends, and his team won. My daughter cheered for the green team and I noticed some of the red team players, seemed to feel ignored. Then they cheered for the red team and the green team seemed to feel ignored. I’m not saying cheerleaders can influence the outcome of the game, but everybody loves a pat on the back.

So get out there on Saturday, or Wednesday. Whenever the game is scheduled. It’ll be a great game and it’s usually free of charge. Then you can go wild for the team of your choice.

Here’s my idea, think of all the folks who would show up for your son’s game if you told them you were cooking. You could set up first thing, making breakfast burritos, or grilling hot dogs. Just think of the cheering section you could create. Just think of how much of a hero you would be.

Here’s my recipe for a quick tailgate party:

1 very large cooler for sodas
1 portable grill
see here
hamburgers, hot dogs (Grill them)
Buns and condiments
Individual size bag of chips for everyone
Ask someone to bring potato salad

If it’s morning you’ll need a large water cooler, filled with hot water
A large can of hot chocolate mix, Styrofoam cups.
Propane stove with two burners.
One griddle, one skillet

Start by browning sausage in the skillet. Set aside but keep warm. Scramble eggs. Lay a tortilla on the griddle and turn over when warm. Build a burrito on the griddle. Roll and hand off with a paper towel.

Now, you get the idea. You are only limited to your own imagination. Here is another idea:

Sirloin tip Roast
Keith Fisher
12-inch deep Dutch oven

3-5 pound beef Roast Sirloin tip
dried chopped onions
seasoned salt
3 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons vegetable oil
4 small white onions
2 beef bouillon cubes

Tenderize meat by poking it with a fork or special tenderizer. Rub dried chopped onions and seasoned salt into the meat

Melt butter with oil in a hot Dutch oven with bottom heat only. Searing all sides of the roast. Drain oil and butter from oven.

Prepare onions by removing skin and cutting part way through (as if you were going to quarter them). Place roast in center of pot and the onions next to the meat on two sides and roast with 10 coals on the bottom and 16 coals on the top until done (remember to add new coals when old ones are spent to keep the heat up.

Add bouillon cubes when there is enough moisture in the bottom to mix with. Roast is done when inside temperature is 170 degrees.

Take the roast out, and shred it with your fingers, set aside. Add two cups of water and two bouillon cubes to the drippings and bring to boil. Use hoagie rolls for bread and serve French dip sandwiches. A bag of chips, and a drink.

Enjoy the lunch but make sure everyone is done by game time. Remember which team you are rooting for, and give your son/daughter the thrill of support. Try not to curse the referees they take a dim view of that kind of thing.

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