Sometimes I Need Help Cleaning My Plate, Mom

By Keith Fisher

Last time. I told you I was having a personal writer’s retreat. I attached a picture of my temporary office. I made a dinner that night of Pork chops cheesy mashed potatoes and green beans. Sitting there with all that food I regretted being by myself. I got over it, however, when I ate most of the dinner and went back to work.

As the evening wore on, my stomach began to complain. I had eaten too much. This brings us to an interesting subject. How much should I cook for how many people will be there?

I’m sure I’ve told this story before, but it illustrates my point so I’ll tell it again. Several years ago, my wife had to work on Saturday. I needed to work in my yard, and I had some weeding to do in the garden. I wanted to do something nice for my wife, since she had to work a Saturday so I got the Dutch oven out. (Notice I said THE Dutch oven? Yes in those days I only had one).

I set up the Dutch oven in the back yard. Added a deer roast from the freezer and started cooking. After awhile I pulled some potatoes from the garden and some carrots too, added them to the pot and went back to work in the garden.

After mowing the lawn, I added a little water in the bottom, I didn’t want to burn it. And went back to work. A little while before she was due home I picked some corn and broke the ears in half. I placed them in the top of the oven and realized I had too much food.

My solution was I called my dad and brother, they came over, my wife loved having dinner cooked for her, and I had discovered a new way to entertain in my back yard. I loved to entertain with a barbecue but I discovered that if I was cooking in Dutch ovens and my guests knew it, I’d get far more people coming to dinner. It was great, I was a hero, and I didn’t have to eat too much.

Dutch ovens can increase your social life, and you get to decide what's for dinner.

the portions are the same as in the kitchen. one potato each, one chicken breast, etc. always cook a little more than you think you need. people tend to come out of the woodwork when you cook Dutch oven.

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