Black Friday

by Keith Fisher

I’m writing this on the day after Thanksgiving. The merchants call this day, Black Friday. I used to spend this day chasing bargains and rubbing shoulders with humanity, but I’m older now.

Instead, I launch the start of the season by putting up Christmas decorations. I fell in love with Christmas lights years ago. When I moved into my house, I was always the first to turn on my lights. Now, my neighbors beat me to it by at least two weeks, but I have my traditions to uphold.

In my book of customs it says Christmas shouldn’t start until after Thanksgiving. Not this year, however, I have to wait until the roofers I hired are finished.

So, how did Thanksgiving go? Did you take pictures of your turkey? Send them to me and I’ll post them here. I rose early on Thanksgiving this year. I had a turkey to inject and get into my Ultimate Turkey Roaster. Things went well, the Ham turned out okay. The stuffing was delicious, but the turkey . . . well, lets just say I made an error.

Remember I told you to keep moisture in the pot? I did, but . . . well, I had about 60 minutes left and I hadn’t reached temperature yet. I turned up the heat and added water. I never dreamed I would be in trouble. Now, in my defense, I haven’t used the roaster for over a year, but I should have known better.

I went upstairs and lay down. When I got up to take a shower I smelled something burning, went down and found my oven smoking. The water had evaporated and the turkey fat was dripping on the flame. Needless to say, I had smoked turkey this year and it wasn’t a good flavor.

Well, some of the meat tasted fine, but some of the rest tasted like an incinerator. (Good thing I had a ham to serve). We ate both but I noticed the ham went quicker than the turkey, and I have a pile of leftovers.

Remember to make the season Joyful and give of yourself.

Return to the Neighborhood.

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