Giving Thanks---Asking for Blessings

by Keith Fisher

Do you remember these men, and their wives?

Here they are again, with one difference.

Q. What do these men have in common?

A. They were all willing to serve their country. Each one suffered ridicule for their choices. Each one was great in their own way.

Aren't you glad the election is over? Whether your Candidate was elected or not, perhaps we should take a moment and thank God for those who are willing to serve. While you're down there, maybe you could ask him to bless our leaders with wisdom. With all the problems our country faces, they will need all they can get.

This brings me to the subject at hand. In a conversation at work, I heard two guys talking about their Christmas trees, and whether they were up yet. I asked, "What about Thanksgiving?" The answer went something like, "Oh yeah, it's a great day for dinner, but Christmas is the important holiday." Of course Black Friday was mentioned (the day after Thanksgiving---the biggest shopping day of the year).

Don't get me wrong, the birth of our Savior is the greatest thing that ever happened on earth and we should celebrate, but what about the holiday devoted to giving thanks to God for all we have, for our very lives. In a couple of weeks, many of us will have the opportunity to remember our blessings, greet our loved ones, and yes, eat a great meal. Some of us, through no fault of own, won't have these opportunities. There is still time to make plans. Maybe we can think about things we can do to help those in need.

Let's make Thanksgiving the most important holiday of the year, and Christmas, another day for giving thanks. We can give thanks on December 25th in ways we never dreamed of. We can make this holiday season the most spiritual time of our lives. After all, hasn't God promised blessings to those who are grateful?

In my next blog, I'll start posting recipes you can use in your backyard to make your Thanksgiving great, and you can show your gratitude to those you love.

Happy holidays, and don't forget Veterans Day on Nov 11. It's the day we honor those who were willing to serve our country in ways we may never be able to repay.

Return to the Neighborhood.


Kim said...

Great reminders, Keith. Even though life often seems hard, we all have many blessings to be thankful for.

Thanks for helping me look on the bright side! You're the best.

Keith Fisher said...

Thanks for stopping by Kim. Glad to help