by Keith Fisher

I wanted to update my December contest and talk about the current one. Tuesday, I delivered a Chuck Wagon Dinner bell to Nichole Giles. Her name was chosen from the draw and she won in December. As you can see in the picture, she was thrilled. Use it in good health Nichole.

So far, I’ve had two comments but nobody entered the contest for the video. Either it’s not a great prize or I wasn’t successful in my promotion. It couldn’t be that hard. Just read old blogs and go to a website. I will extend it for another week, after that, if nobody enters I’ll put my video away for another day.

I watched the deer as they came down from the mountain the other day. I wished I had a camera with a really long lens. Deer come down in the winter every year but this year, we got several deep snowstorms in a row. Snow still covers some of the roads where I live. People get stuck, and the Deer are coming down in herds.

I stood there, watching, not willing to leave. During the time when I can pursue those deer, they have the advantage. Yes, it’s true I have a rifle, but my deer have developed methods of concealment, and they are getting better at it.

During the winter, however, survival is paramount. My deer can’t play concealment games. So we humans get to watch the splendor. To admire the beauty of a majestic animal—to lament the old days when deer were easier to hunt. There’s a lesson in there someplace, but I’m going to leave you to think of one.

I thought of a great idea. Right now there are many opportunities to get out and play in the snow. There is a park and pavilion nearby to where I watched the deer. I could invite my friends to come and watch the deer and I could cook a Dutch oven meal. What a great Saturday afternoon party it would be. If you decide to try it, dress warm, take pictures, and send them to us.

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1 comment:

Ranes said...

Is today the deadline for the video? I kept thinking all week that I needed to get on this before the deadline.

I didn't do it to start with because I thought it might be too easy and other's should have a chance to win. If no one else wants it, I'll take it.