On Your Mark, Get Set, Go

By Keith Fisher

Since Christmas is fast approaching, and since I promised in a previous blog. It’s time, once again, for a contest.

I was thinking about foods that go together the other day. You know, dishes that taste great separately, but when they are combined with another dish, the combination becomes an iconic dish. Foods like, cheese and crackers, beef and potatoes, or chicken and dumplings. I love to drink a glass of milk with a tuna sandwich, even with pizza, but when you combine my glass of milk with chocolate sandwich cookies, my milk becomes a taste treat.

Can you think of your favorite combination? List your favorites like Corned Beef and Cabbage, and I’ll put your name into the drawing. You could win a brand new, Lodge Chuck Wagon dinner Bell. Leave your favorites in the comments section, and I will announce the winners on December 26. Good luck.

Return to the Neighborhood.


G. Parker said...

Okay...an iconic food?? I have a couple that I love together...Cheese and apple slices, oreos and milk. I guess cheese and apples is my most favorite...grin. But how about mac n cheese?? (I'm talking homemade, not box!)
Good job with the blog!

Kim Thompson said...

My favorite--chips and salsa.

Nichole Giles said...

Okay, so spinach and artichokes, or...pineapple and coconut...or mashed potatoes and gravy...cinnamon and sugar...chocolate and gummy bears. There. I couldn't decide if you were looking for savory, or sweet, or unique or what. There's a little bit of everything.


PS. Cool prize!

Cindy Beck said...

Ooo, I love a contest about food! :)

How about roast turkey and mashed potatoes (since we just finished Thanksgiving), apple pie and ice cream, or popcorn and chocolate?

I can think of a gazillion more ... so I might have to come back and comment a second time! :)

Annette Lyon said...

Tough one. Maybe chocolate and raspberries?

Cool prize--I know just who I'd gift it to for Christmas.

Cathy Witbeck said...

I love to eat chili and cornbread together. My youngest son loves roast beef with yorkshire pudding. Of course he'd eat hot dogs and yorkshire pudding if I'd let him, yeesh.
My mom still rings a big bell for my dad to come in for lunch and dinner every day on our farm back in Canada. He can hear it clear out to the barn.
Fun contest idea. Thanks for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

My favorite lunch is Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches!!

Love it love it love it!

Connie Hall said...

Besides the others that are listed I love strawberries and chocolate. Instead of just corned beef and cabbage, I love it on rye bread in the form of a Reuben sandwich. I would love to win a dinner bell.

Heather Justesen said...

Oh, Wendy called mine! I also love toast and jam! pork chops and apple sauce.