The Main Event- New World Champions

By Keith Fisher

When the smoke cleared, we listened as Ranes Carter made the announcements:

1st Place ~ Brian and Lisa Blodgett
2nd Place ~ Bev Shepherd and Pamela Lane
3rd Place ~ Wil and Jen Ward
4th Place ~ Rex and Laura McKee
5th Place ~ Dale and Dana Jensen
It was a great cook off, not because the dishes were all superb, but because it was like the old days. It wasn't the tent, but everyone had a good time. Terry Lewis remains the only person to win twice, and Omar and Diane will be back next year. Brian and Lisa Blodgett are great cooks and friendly competitors. We even had two teams from Brittish columbia. After not placing last year, Bev Shepherd and Pamela Lane came back and took second. Wil and Jen took third.

As I said it would be at the outset, What a horse race. I have enough material for several blogs, and I got to chat with many of my old friends. It was fun, chatting about the old days, comparing some of the rules of the past to today.

Many of us observed the quality of food is much better. I admit it would be hard, but as one former champion said, "The cooks today couldn't help but be better, they had us to learn from."

That is more true than arrogant. I learned from those who came before me. The great cooks who made beef stew and won.

Tomorrow, I will talk to the field judges (as promised . . . for three days). In the coming days, We'll talk to Rosa Sanchez, 2002 champion. We'll talk with Brian Terry and Bruce Tracy about the old days. Ron Clanton about his recollections of IDOS. Carol Hill, about how she got involved in Dutch oven cooking.

We'll hear from Ron Hill, and Kent Mayberry, former IDOS presidents, and showcase Dee Mcmillian, Poet and Dutch oven cook.

All of that, and since it's spring we'll talk about cooking in your backyard. It's warm today, time to think about getting out and cleaning up the the tools get those pots ready. On your mark, get set, and go.

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