Dutch Oven Delight

By Keith Fisher

Yesterday, I promised to talk about things to do with Dutch ovens. The past few days we've talked about the World Championships, and I realize competing isn't everyone's cup of Herbal tea. Some people love cooking outside, some people (hushed tones) don't use Dutch ovens.

A lot of good folks use a skillet on the camp stove, or they've mastered the art of the barbcue. I posted an article here, once, and spoke about gas barbcues. I showed a picture of the bells and whistles and made me and many other men salivate.

Today I want to talk about the DOG. It's an acronym for Dutch oven gathering. There are families and clubs who get together often and have pot luck parties, centered around outdoor, (Dutch oven) cooking. You can join a group that meets once a month or so, for this purpose.

At a Dog there are people who can help you. They can teach you, you can teach them. you can swap stories and eat great food. I will give you information that will help you find a Dog near you.

In the meantime, I want to show you this poem, Written by Dee McMillan, and read by her, in the cook's meeting at Worlds. Dee is from Louisiana, living in Utah and She's a Dutch oven enthusiast.

The Life of a D.O.G.

A real dog, I’m not talking about
but Dutch Oven Gatherings also known as a cookout.
It is where friends gather around and cook in cast iron pots over charcoal
and you can do it any time in the heat or the cold.
Yep all seasons, summer, winter, spring and fall,
and it is a lot of fun had by all.
All kinds of cooking you can do
boiling, baking, and cooking stew.
New things folks are always trying
roasting, steaming and even frying.
It is something folks have been doing for hundreds of years
and from its popularity it will be going on a whole lot longer it appears.
Just throw a few coals together and get them hot
and prepare what you are going to cook and put it in the pot.
Put some hot coals on the ground
and then place your pot down.
Cover with some more coals and just sit back and wait
and when it’s done grab a plate.
You are never too young or too old to learn
and it doesn’t even matter if it burns.
It is all about being outdoors and being with friends
and it looks like it will never end.
Yep, I imagine when you get to heaven and beyond the Pearly Gates,
you will see some of your old cooking mates.
And Dutch ovens they will be gathered around
that’s where your old friends will be found.
But in Heaven a Dutch oven will no longer be made of cast iron, but of gold
so I guess Dutch Oven Gatherings will never get old.

Dee McMillan

International Dutch Oven society has chapters all over. There are other Dutch oven groups that provide cammeraderie, also. Go to the IDOS website and check out the chapters. Also check out the links.

Also, I promised a recipe today. Click on the link and take a look. Remember this recipe is copyrighted.

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