Achieving Peace with Cast Iron

By Keith N Fisher

How is your summer going? Have you been serving as camp cook during your vacation? I’ve been handicapped this summer, having to work every Saturday. I could go for one day during the week, but my family can only go on weekends. Cooking great food for one is okay, but camp cooking is a spectator sport. It’s like a football game with nobody in the bleachers.

With all the great meals you’re cooking, I hope you find a little time to go down to the water and throw your line in. Catch a few fish and find a little peace in your lives.

Speaking of peace and the way things are heating up in the world, I think I’ve found one thing that everyone can agree upon. I suggest we bring all the leaders of the opposing sides to my house. I’ll take the weekend off and get some friends to help me cook for them.

Maybe with their mouths full, they’ll listen long enough for someone to suggest peace, tolerance and forgiveness. I’ll make two different types of cobbler for dessert. Those who agree to get along will get one kind of cobbler. Those leaders who still want to fight will get the one laced with Prozac.

It might not bring peace, but the combatants won’t care much.

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