My Attempt at Self Promotion

By Keith Fisher

First, I have an announcement. I told you a few weeks ago, about the Klondike Cook off I created. It was held in January each year and had the inherent challenge of beating the cold while cooking. Because my schedule is currently overwhelming, My Friend Ranes Carter found a good man to take the reins of the event this year. His name is Damon Faust, and it will commence Feb 7 at 8 am for the cooks meeting. I will be judging. So stop by and say hello. It will be held in front of the Provo, Utah Sportsman’s Warehouse. See you there.

Now, Let me express my disappointment in the current contest. I made a shameless attempt at self-promotion. My friend suggested that perhaps people don’t have time to search for the answers. When one of my Dutch oven friends posted most of them, and mentioned not being able to find one, I decided they must be too hidden.

Ranes provided many of the answers from personal knowledge, so it was easier for him. I’d like to thank Cindy Beck for playing along. She didn’t really want to compete, so she provided answers that made me laugh my socks off.

So, according to rules, I must provide the solution to the questions:

  • What year did I win the World Championship Dutch Oven Cook Off with my partner? 2005 Its in the bio under the picture on this blog. Go here for an article I wrote about it at the time.
  • What do I love to do, first thing in the morning on campouts? Flip Waffles on top of a camp chef stove. See the article on this blog.
  • Name 3 Dutch oven manufactures. Lodge, Campchef, Maca, Texport, GSI. There are others I have also mentioned in the blog.
  • What is the name of my Dutch oven website (not my blog)? Uvdutch.com. Technically, I named it Utah Valley Dutch Oven Days, but I lost the banner and haven’t replaced it. I also maintain the K N Fisher Writer’s website. I still need to come up with a catchy name. Maybe it can be the subject of another contest?
  • What does the picture show on top of the picture scrapbook page? Me and my partner being interviewed by a local TV personality after winning the World Championship in 2005.

There you have it. Congrats to Ranes Carter for providing most of the answers I’m sorry if I made it too difficult. I promise the next one will be easier.

Next time, on the blog, I’ll post a wonderful recipe for spring. It’s time for the weather to change don’t you think?

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Cheri J. Crane said...

I think it's time for spring, too. =D And since my husband and I both love Dutch-oven cooking, I'll be checking back quite often for helpful hints and delicious recipes.

Keith Fisher said...

thanks for stopping by Cheri good luck with your cooking

Cindy Beck said...

I was anxious to know the answer to question #2. ("What do I love to do, first thing in the morning?"). I thought for sure it would have something to do with finding a bush...

... for firewood, naturally. :)